The Technology Age in Health

The 21rst century is proving to be the most technologically advanced period of life humans have ever lived in. As the sciences and technology continue to improve, the way we deal with healthcare in everyday life begins to shift as well. The introduction of the biotech society, or a society that focuses on the modernization…Read more The Technology Age in Health


POLL: Do College Students Know Healthcare?

  College is the coveted 4-years where eighteen to twenty-three-year-olds get a chance to figure how they want to contribute to society. The National Center for Education Statistics writes that in fall 2016, some 20.5 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 5.2 million since fall 2000…Read more POLL: Do College Students Know Healthcare?

Our Prescription Medication Is Killing Us

An important debate in the latest presidential campaigns was the legalization of currently illegal drugs. This issue has sparked aggressive debates nationwide and one of the most prominent arguments against the legalization of drugs is the increased death rate due to these drugs. We need to wake up and realize that bantering over the "religious…Read more Our Prescription Medication Is Killing Us