What’s The Fuss Over Obamacare Data?

In the past couple of weeks, The White House has been urging researchers to copy current Obamacare data. After President Trump announced his plan to repeal the system, fear was sprung that the data from Obamacare might be permanently gone once the act repealed. Thankfully, the Republican party did not get a pass on the plan to repeal Obamacare, but the question remains: ” Why was the data so important?

According to Politico ” several dozen independent researchers are racing to download key health care data and documents before Jan. 20. They say they began the effort on their own, and then got a boost from Jeanne Lambrew, the White House’s top health reform official. Capturing data on how consumers use and pay for health care is a central pillar of the Affordable Care Act — crucial not only to administering and measuring the law’s success but also for any future efforts to reform the $3 trillion industry.

Having information on every facet of Obamacare is essential, researchers say, because Democrats may need it to build their case for why large pieces of the controversial law should be left intact. They say the data may be helpful for devising other reforms, including an eventual Obamacare replacement and, at a minimum, should be preserved as part of the historical record.”

Therefore we gather that data, especially Obamacare’s data, is imperative to creating better systems in healthcare.


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