The 21rst century is proving to be the most technologically advanced period of life humans have ever lived in. As the sciences and technology continue to improve, the way we deal with healthcare in everyday life begins to shift as well. The introduction of the biotech society, or a society that focuses on the modernization of technology in order to create better healthcare, brings about a fundamental shift in our general knowledge of health technologies. The overarching debate in the political world in regards to the modernization of health technologies is the fight between new pharmaceutical medicine and alternative medicine techniques.


One of the ways we see a new political pharmaceutical bias is England and it’s plan on getting big healthcare data. What is the use of this data? Well according to Politico “Using big data can lead to diagnosing patients faster, especially those suffering from rare diseases. It can help zero in on the right treatment for patients with cancer and other diseases, based on their genetic make-up. The data can be used to monitor infectious disease outbreaks, such as Ebola, through tracking risk maps and better understanding demographic challenges and transmission pathways, according to one recent European Commission report. This portrays a big support for the modernization of medicine.

On the other hand, the debate over medical marijuana has been longstanding political warfare. Pubmed gives us the breakdown of medical marijuana in politics. “Federal law has barred the use of medical marijuana through 18 state governments and Washington, DC, support the medical use of marijuana. Unfortunately, not many studies exist on medical marijuana to back these laws and policies. The judiciary, on the other hand, has elicited a diverse response to medical marijuana through its rulings over several decades. Some rulings favored the federal government’s opinion, and others supported the larger public view and many state governments with legalized medical marijuana. Public opinion on legalizing medical marijuana has always favored the use of medical marijuana. The movement of scientific knowledge of medical marijuana follows an erratic, discontinuous pathway. The future place of medical marijuana in U.S. society remains unknown”

These two emerging medicines could potentially prove huge political turmoil in the coming years.


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