Why Trump Pushed A Doomed Healthcare Bill

Why Trump Pushed A Doomed Healthcare Bill

There has been lots of speculation regarding the GOP’s rebuttal to Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.

However, as their proposed bill faced a major failure we begin to see Donald Trump had no intent of following through with his promise to repeal Obamacare. More so, his “promise” was a ploy to gain political supporters and public popularity.

A vast majority of President Trump’s Republican party support has speculated Trump’s indifference and lack of effort in attempting to pass the bill. “Their heart was not in the health care battle,” said a top Republican who was in meetings with the president and his team

It was also clear that the implications that the bill proposed had more consequences than benefits. The bill outlined changes that cost a quadruple amount just to tear down the current health care plan.

“It makes no sense,” said Gary Claxton, vice president of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. Claxton said that if insurers aren’t required to enroll people with pre-existing conditions, who cost more to treat, then “nobody is going to take them.”

Trump’s criticism of Obamacare brought him attention since before he was a presidential candidate, and now that he has gotten all the attention he wanted, he didn’t even take the opportunity to change it seriously.


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