The Epipen Controversy

The drug industry has been a hot topic in politics in the last couple of years. The main conflicts occurs between citizens and the industry itself, but matters have been taken to the political stage due to it’s controversy.

The pivotal story most people have heard of is the Epipen controversy. The pharmaceutical company, famous for making life-saving products in case of detrimental allergy attacks, shockingly skyrocketed their prices. The story is controversy for two reasons: the manufacturing price of the Epipen itself is less than half of the retail price and the salary of CEO, Heather Bresh, increased adjacently with the price of the Epipen.

Consumers and congressmen alike have been raging over this issue, arguing the moral and just implications of the price raise. The fight has been taken to court several times, especially due to the necessity of the Epipen in the lives of many Americans.

However CEO Bresch was quick to defend her company, accusing the system of being “broken and pointing the finger at the “entire supply chain” for pharmaceuticals, one in which a drugmaker is just one of several entities, including pharmacy benefit managers, that is taking a cut of a medication’s list price.

While the fight has not been settled yet, there’s is an undercurrent of concern with President Trump in power. Bresch has explicitly stated her favor for Trump, due to his favor for big companies. Epipens are currently being priced at a whopping $600, an outrageous price to pay to save the life of a loved one.


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