Trump & Agriculture

What does Donald Trump mean for agriculture?

Although agriculture is a major, necessary industry in the United States, however, it is often overlooked from a civilian standpoint. Politics plays a huge role in the agriculture industry because various legislations and bills control the sector. We, as a people, need to understand the crucial implications Trump’s presidency could bring to an area of work that influences all of our lives. In order to do so, we must at what legislations are currently in place that has the potential to change.

The main concern surrounding the agriculture business is whether or not President Donald Trump will keep his campaign promise of cutting funding from the USAID and several other organizations.

According to Politico “the USAID traditionally has been a bipartisan-supported office, its $27 billion budget providing aid to more than 100 countries. The food programs are also important to U.S. farmers, who get payments for their commodities and reap the benefits of expanding new markets overseas.” This means that the possible cuts could not only put the U.S global humanitarian effort standing in jeopardy but that our farmers will be affected. The current legislations put in place work to allow joint power over the budgeting as well as the decision making, but problems are arising as farmers begin to age and the next generation is taking over. It is quite possible that within this next presidency the agriculture sector may change or more so shift to a more capitalist, economic focus.


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