Health is a fundamental part of everyone’s life. But what role does health play in politics and why is it important to us? The topic of health is covered in a broad spectrum of facets in the government and not only affects our lives but the global atmosphere as well.
Some important and potentially surprising political areas include:

-Policies and bills regarding reproductive rights and woman’s health care.
-relationships between the government and hospitals
-How the US affects healthcare in other countries
-Mental health programs
-Health technology

These topics simply scratch the surface of relevant and concerning topics in health & politics. The importance of staying up to date on these issues comes from understanding the role that we, as people, play versus the government. It is unbeknownst to a majority of people that an overwhelming amount of authority and system goes into all things health in politics.

It is easy to protest that health concerns the individual and therefore shouldn’t have all these “hoops” to jump through. However, health in politics is unique because it is so interwoven and connected to companies, hospitals, and more. The best way to combat the unwavering system is to understand it and use the information to our advantage.

header image: creative commons via flicker : picture credits


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