Trump: A Role Model Of Health?

There have been many changes in the political atmosphere in recent years, however, one thing that no one saw coming was the involvement that our new president Donald Trump would have in social media. Trump is quite certainly the only president in history to connect with everyday Americas via his social media presence. From tweets to Instagram posts, Trump is very vocal on all media platforms, but what does this mean in terms of his influence over sectors of health and nutrition?

After researching and investigating Trump’s rhetoric in the media regarding health and nutrition, one thing is clear. The most powerful man in America, our president, is not shaping up to be a prime role model in health and nutrition. So basically, the most powerful man in America is teaching all Americans that you can have the unhealthy lifestyle and still, well, become president.

Now, it’s not to say that it is an expectation that every president in our country was and has to be healthy, fit, and making good eating choices. The difference is that Trump is overtly putting out bad messages.


Take these instances for example:


Trump’s tweets

Trump’s doctor’s note

Trump’s body shaming women

Trump’s restaurant


If you read our “Make America Unhealthy Again” post, it is clear that Trump’s indifference and disregard for toward crucial topics surrounding health will be detrimental to coming generations in the mere aspect of influence. What we eat is the leading cause of obesity in America. This is not something to take lightly. 


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