The presidency of Donald Trump has brought about some ground-breaking changes in regards to health in politics. He along with the majority of the Republican party have planned to repeal prior president, Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. While the verdict is still up in the air, many people are speculating the effects of the potential repeal. According to BBC “Republican lawmakers have tried repeatedly to overturn Obamacare since the health law’s passage in 2010”.

But how easy is it to revoke a national health plan that has helped over 20 million Americans attain health insurance?

NPR cites that Trump’s recent hesitation comes as Republicans in Congress tame their rhetoric surrounding the health care law. Trump’s plan for fixing the healthcare system is to “repair the individual market while leaving the other parts of the health care sector — Medicare, Medicaid and the employer market — alone.” Many senators are divided on the length of time the repeal should take. While Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) We need to move expeditiously to honor the promises we made to voters,”, Tennesse Senator, Lamar Alexander laments that “we’re moving from a position — repeal and replace — to governing. It’s a little more complicated.”

It’ll be an interesting battle between the GOP and the current political works, but either way it is essential to understand what will happen if the repeal is passed and comes into effect. For the first time in a decade, the Republican party is in control the White House and both chambers of Congress. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts expanding over the viewpoints regarding the potential repeal of Obamacare.


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