Here’s the¬†health care system¬†explained in 6 steps. Click on the link to get an elaborated version.



Paying your premium is like paying for cable every month. Credits: The Kaiser Family Foundation


1. Millions of people have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act
2. You pay your premium every month like paying for Netflix or cable. A premium is an amount you need to pay for your health insurance policy.
3. Health insurance is like a piggy bank so there’s money when you need it
4. You can get health insurance from your employer. If so, they will pay a majority of your premium and the rest will come out of your paycheck automatically.
5. Sometimes you’ll have to pay a co-pay, a specific dollar amount, when you go fill a prescription or go to the doctor.
6. There’s also a deductible: an amount you pay out of your own pocket before insurance starts paying.


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